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Swiftkey, the makers of a popular keyboard app, has released a study detailing the most popular emoji in every state in the U.S. The company has released a similar study to this in the past,? finding the most popular emoji in every country , which said a lot about the population in each. This report will also confirm a lot of the?stereotypes we have about each state, but some of the results reported by? Mashable ?will come as a surprise.

Nike Kobe Deals, California's most used emojis are the princess cartoon, the sunset, and unsurprisingly, due to Los Angeles' notoriously bad traffic, the car emoji. Nevada, where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, uses the eggplant emoji more than any other state. New Yorkers were also frequent users of the eggplant emoji, but they mostly used the Statue of Liberty and taxi cartoon. Hawaiians also played right into your expectations by using the surfing, waves, volcano, and pineapple emoji more than any other place.?

Now for some of the stranger findings. Vermont came out on top when it comes to usage of the poop?emoji?while the state it borders, New Hampshire, used more alcohol-related?cartoons?than any place else.?

Nike Kobe Deals The state that uses the most violent emoji ?is Louisiana, which used the skull and gun cartoons more than any other state. On the opposite end of this spectrum sits Montana, where the fishing emoji?comes out on top.?

Nike Free Mens You can check out the full state-by-state breakdown here .?

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