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A town in China has built a structure that looks completely identical to Chicago's iconic? Cloud Gate , also known as The Bean, ? Time? reports .

Nike Air Max 2019 Deals, The Bean-like sculpture was unveiled in?Karamay,?an oil town in Xinjiang province, according to? Time. As a tribute to the town's industry, the sculpture is said to represent an oil bubble, according to?China's? People's Daily . The sculpture in Karamay is such a blatant duplicate of the one in Chicago that its creator, Anish Kapoor, is pursuing the matter in court against whoever is responsible for the copy. It seems that in China today it is permissible to steal the creativity of others, he said in a statement, according to Time . I feel I must take this to the highest level and pursue those responsible in the courts.

However, a statement from Karamay's tourism office contests any wrongdoing, and you won't believe the explanation: Cloud Gate intends to reflect the sky, but ours reflects the ground, the official said, according to? Time .

Nike Free Run 5.0 V2 Nike Air Max 2019 Deals This is not the first time China has copied other place's famous landmarks. The country has also built structures identical to Paris' Eiffel Tower, London's Tower Bridge, and?St. Peter¡¦s Basilica in the Vatican.?

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