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Nike Free 3.0 V2 My mom, for my entire life, has always implored me to wear long underwear when it's cold outside. I can't count the number of times I've ended up with a new pair of long johns when I'm home for the holidays only to leave it behind when I return to New York. Whether I do it out of spite or subconsciously forget them, I'm not sure. Perhaps I'm afflicted with the distinctly male condition of being physically unable to admit when I'm cold. These Off-White thermal leggings might change my tune though. The direct result of these would be the opposite of what my mother intended however, as I would just wear these as pants on their own or with shorts over them as modeled here. So instead of Virgil's thermals counteracting the frigid temperatures as a layer beneath my pants, I'd be in the same place I was before: cold and not willing to admit it. Sorry, mom.

Nike Free 5.0+ 2 Deals,

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