Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Deals

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Rainy days can be the worst for many reasons. Besides sopping wet Yeezys , trying to balance an umbrella while using your phone ?can frustratingly dampen your mobile activity. Trying to stay dry is paramount but so is trying to text your friends, explaining to them how the grey weather is going to make you late. The winner of a recent design competition, the ' P hone-brella' is a handy remedy to summer downpours.?

Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Deals, South Korean?telecommunications?giant,? kt?design , was the winner at the Red Dot Design Awards on Monday. Otherwise known as the Oscars for Design as per this Korea Times article,?kt?design's Phone-brella?took top honors out of 7,400 competitors from 53 countries. Currently, the clutch wet weather accessory?is only being offered as a limited-edition gift to select kt customers, but don't expect the novel idea to stay exclusive for long.

Nike Lunar Womens The solution kt design came up with is reassuringly simple. The Phone-brella features an ergonomic C-shaped handgrip that wearers slip over their wrist and rest against the their shoulder. With a counterweight at the bottom end of the handle you can expect the Phone-brella to comfortably stay in place as you see how crazy the surge pricing for an Uber just got. In the name of a hassle-free mobile experience came an umbrella you can stand by, or, as the emotionally-charged promo video above suggests, it's one to stand under as well.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Deals

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