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Banksy has reportedly targeted Disneyland for his next exhibit,? Dismaland . The UK street artist is rumored to open the pop-up park/exhibition in England's resort town Weston-super-Mare this weekend, Aug. 21, according to The Bristol? Post .

Nike Roshe Run Deals, Pictures of the construction site have hit the web and show a tank truck?in the shape of an 'S,' and a dystopian version of Cinderella's castle.? The Bristol Post ?also reports that there will be a sculpture of a horse among other attractions.? Dismaland ?is being constructed?at the former site of a 10,200 square foot outdoor pool that has been deserted since 2000.?

Dismaland ?first tried to throw people off the scent by posting notices that the space was being used for filming on an upcoming movie titled? Grey Fox . However, with the lack of cameras in the area, a statement from the film's director that he was not in Weston-super-Mare, ?and the appearance of Holly Cushing, Banksy's?rumored manager, the? Grey Fox ?notices have been dismissed as a misdirection. Cushing was allegedly spotted on-site talking to construction workers and? The Bristol Post ?reports that she also filed financial records for a company named?Dismaland Ltd. Cushing received an executive producer credit on the Banksy documentary? Exit Through the Gift Shop .?

2016 New Jordans Nike Roshe Run Deals Banksy has used the word? Dismaland? before in an art piece dating all the way back to 2012.?

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