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Frank Ocean is messing with our emotions.

Nike Air Jordan 8 Heels Deals, Earlier this year, the singer/songwriter announced he would release a new album by July . Well, July came and went, and fans are still waiting for the drop. But rest easy, guys; we have some comforting information.

According to a new article published by The Fader , possible merch for the new album was hidden in the source code of Oceanˇ¦s redesigned website ˇXreassuring fans that the Channel Orange? follow-up isnˇ¦t too far away.

Nike Air Jordan 8 Heels Deals So what did The Fader find? It appears there is a $60 white ˇ§Stripe Box Hoodie,ˇ¨ a $30 white ˇ§Stripe Box Tee,ˇ¨ as well as a $50 pair of yellow Yohi? (sic) Yamamato Y-3 Sneakers.ˇ¨ There was also a page for a ˇ§Frank Ocean Summer Shirt,ˇ¨ which featured a place-holder image of a few penguins. Guess weˇ¦ll just have to wait to see what that item is all about.

Nike Air Jordan 5 Limited Until then, you can take a look at the other?merch in the images below. Be sure to keep it locked to Complex for more information about Oceanˇ¦s next album titled? Boys Don't Cry.

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