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It seemed like Kim Kardashian's Instagram feed-meets-art book was bound for major success. Not only was it filled with surprising new information , but it prompted crazy first day sales (and book-signing shenanigans ). That said, in the bigger picture, it seems like Selfish flopped.

Nike Jordan Outdoor Sandals Deals, A rep for Nielsen Bookscan?told? Radar ? that sales of the book have only reached about 32,000 copies. To put that into perspective, that's about 0.8% of Kim K's 41 million?Instagram followers. Even worse, the book sold about 14,000 copies in the first 10 days on shelvesĦXmeaning it sold just under half of its copies in the first two weeks, with sales plummeting shortly thereafter.

Perhaps the true sign of the book's lagging interest, is it's current sale price on megastore? Amazon . Debuting at around $20, the book now goes for roughly half that price at $9.97 today. (The scathing reviews and 2.5 star rating can't be helping things either ).

Nike Air Jordan 14 Nike Jordan Outdoor Sandals Deals While we're not sure what's made the book suffer so much, we imagine that once fans realized they could effectively receive the book's content for free on Kardashian-West's Instagram ...well, you get the rest.

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