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Nike Air Jordan 13 N.Hoolywood always has fairly dramatic runway shows and styling and some of their garments are pretty turbo, but the collections are like groups of teenagers: As a whole they can be intimidating and have you a little shook on whether or not you could pull them off, however, once you isolate a few of the pieces, they seem altogether normal and really versatile. You know, kinda like if you get a teenager one-on-one they can be actually kind of funny and possess an interesting worldview. Just, whatever you do, don't EVER let yourself get caught with a group of teens. An unruly group of teenagers is Satan's wet dream. This sweatshirt right here is just a simple crew with a flap pocket and would look great with some dad jeans or whatever dumb ripped pants you kids are wearing these days. I don't know anymore because, like I said, I avoid teens at all costs.

Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka Deals,

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