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Hey guys, here's a straightforward post about a brand I found on Instagram. Such groundbreaking journalism surely deserves an award, right? You're looking at Drole de Monsieur ,?a brand founded by two friends last year who are all about simplicity and minimalism. Wow, this post is literally so groundbreaking Steve Jobs just punched through his coffin. This is a small collection of strangely appealing looks, no? Solid imagery and presentation can do wonders, compelling you to stare at a collection of photos for longer than you ever intended. I really just don't want to take my eyes off of this lookbook. It's simple and beautiful, focused on light colors and the product selection echoes that ethos, with cream and black as the primary tones. Right now Drole de Monsieur is a fairly small selection comprised of a pair of shorts with a thick hem that provides an almost double-layered look a la Wil Fry, a basic printed sweatshirt with Not From Paris Madame in cursive on the chest¡Xa key aspect of the brand as?it's not based in the Big Four of New York, London, Paris or Milan¡Xa short sleeve sweatshirt and a three-quarter sleeve sweatshirt?with?a tiny gusset on the upper middle chest. Prices are pretty fair too, with the sweatshirts running $140 and the shorts at $70. Not bad. Again, just groundbreaking work all around.

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