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UPDATE 8/5/15:? Madame Tussauds wasted no time in sharing a preview image of the newly announced Kanye West wax statue.? ?

Nike Kobe 10 Mid EXT Deals, In the image posted to Madame Tussauds' Instagram , West is seen situated next to the recently unveiled Kim Kardashian statue, which takes selfies with guests . It appears that West's statue is wearing a button-up shirt with one of the styles the rapper helped popularize, the collarless top , a blazer, and pants that we pray aren't leather.?

The image also details that the statue will be fully unveiled tomorrow, Aug. 6.

Nike Kobe 10 Mid EXT Deals Does the world really need another Kanye West? Madame Tussauds thinks so.

In a vague tweet sent out earlier today, the famed wax museum announced it will reveal a figure of ¡¥Ye at its London location later this week. The tweet was a black-and-white close up Kanye with the words ¡§The Greatest Living Rock Star Wax Figure on the Planet¡¨ written across his face.

Launching this week.

¡X Madame Tussauds (@MadameTussauds) August 4, 2015

The addition doesn¡¦t really come as a surprise, as his wife, Kim Kardashian, was immortalized at the same tourist attraction earlier this year. However, there is very little details about the wax figure¡Xmost importantly, what it will look like. With so many iconic looks to chose from, we¡¦re eager to see what Madame Tussauds cooks up.

Nike Air Foamposite Nike Kobe 10 Mid EXT Deals Stay tuned as more information rolls in.?

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