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High Snobiety has a nice little piece that threads together some important notes about the fashion world, especially in light of the news that Alexander Wang leaving Balenciaga . Calum Gordon asks whether the creative directors have become bigger than the brands they work for . It's definitely a valid question and he addresses how our current fandom revolves so much more around the people heading these?labels?than the labels themselves. It seems that the personal brand has jumped over the actual brand.

Nike Dunk SB Mid Cut Deals, Perhaps it's a stance against the?tradition behind fashion's most iconic houses that creative directors have become almost larger than life. By bringing in a name with an established aesthetic, big name companies understand that it will come with some departures from their roots. That also comes with a risk that the designer name is bigger than the brand their working for. Was Wang bigger than Balenciaga? Maybe.?But there are other examples too like Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy and Hedi Slimane's tenures at both Dior and now Saint Laurent. Those two in particular have forged their own signature look and ethos. Wherever they go, their style (and loyal fans) will surely go with them.

This all brings up the issue of brand loyalty. Are consumers truly loyal to the larger brands they buy from anymore? Is the person at the root of the designs the most important variable in the equation? The creative director is more responsible for the designs and products than the brand technically is, so it makes sense that customers are more drawn to the individual. Perhaps there is a Dior fan out there that loves Dior no matter who is leading the charge, but if I know that Alexander Wang makes designs that I like and he goes to Balenciaga, I'll probably follow him there. And when he leaves, I'll probably follow him somewhere else. What will Givenchy do when Tisci leaves or retires? The house can try their damnedest to replicate the look that it has built a rousing?success on, but that surely isn't a viable long-term strategy. Case in point, Tom Ford. Sure, he put in work at Gucci and YSL before eventually launching is own brand, but I doubt any of the fervor he himself specifically cultivated for those brands still exists whatsoever. Granted, it's been a while. Also, let's be real, if he took another creative director post tomorrow, it would be both an instant boon for the label while simultaneously overshadowing it.

Nike Dunk SB Mid Cut Deals Right now, it feels like people in fashion are more loyal to personal brands than capital b Brands. That may be why some of today's hardcore fashion fan bases are centered on the likes of Rick Owens, Jun Takahashi or Rei Kawakubo, designers who founded their own brands and are linked so closely with them?that it's 99.9% likely that they'll never go anywhere else.

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