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Nike Air Max 90 Flag Womens We walked out of New York Men's Day pretty impressed with CWST S/S 16 . FYI, it's pronounced quest for those who weren't paying attention the first time around. And since that was our first real exposure to the brand, we hadn't seen its F/W 15 gear, which is why the brand was kind enough to send through the lookbook today. CWST F/W 15 trades exclusively in almost exclusively in grey and blue, touching on plenty of shades in between like slate, navy, cobalt, azure, gun metal, perse and any other presumably fake ass color you can find evidence for on Google. The fully tonal looks really work here and also reminds me a bit of the Tres Bien in-house line, which is a pretty high compliment. Essentially, we're all trying to look like a mixture of west coast hippies and Scandinavian start-up marketers who have an inordinate amount of followers on Instagram #goals.

Nike Dunk Low Cut Deals,

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