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This was all just a big misunderstanding isn't something you usually hear outside of TV or movies, but this is one of those rare instance where life is out here imitating art. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution , two women were at the mall during the yearly back-to-school shopping rush, which coincided with Georgia's tax free weekend , when things got a little, well, confusing .

Nike Cortez Nylon Deals, Simone Norris and Brittany Yawn apparently misinterpreted the announcement about the tax free deals and claimed they heard the term free holiday, which they interpreted to mean that they could take whatever they wanted without paying for it. How convenient. With such an amazing deal on the table, the duo took two Ralph Lauren shirts ($79 each), two jackets ($148 each), two pairs of Nike pants ($65 each)?and two pairs of jeans?($105 each). While one was caught in the act of lifting the merchandise, her partner-in-crime was already in the parking lot wearing the clothing, including the Nike sweats underneath the jeans in 90 degree heat. What a weird way to celebrate such a generous deal.

Nike Air Max 90 Carved Three Dimensional Womens Obviously, this is the most terrible cover for petty theft of all time. I mean, I'm not sure about the last time you shoplifted something, but it's a pretty common tactic to try on the clothing in the store and just wear it out. These two get points for their ridiculous excuse hilarity, but immediately docked those very same points for piss poor planning. Somewhere, Danny Ocean his shaking his fucking head.

Nike Cortez Nylon Deals

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