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Japanese brand Victim is really with the shits. Good gracious golly gee goddamn, F/W 15 really lined up the shot in its crosshairs and hit the target right between the eyes for that flawless victor. Guys, this is really fan-fucking-tastic in every way possible. It covers a ton of bases without exiting the baseball stadium to play another sport. That's a really stupid analogy that basically means it has everything you're looking for without being totally disjointed. The coats are oversized and long, jeans are slim and trim without being skinny and mid-layers are wearable and perfect for absurd piling on when winter hits. Though there are a few bootcut-style bottoms in here, which is the definition of worrisome. Ain't nobody trying to bring that shit back, fam. But we won't let that deter us from celebrating how hot lava this collection is as a whole. If you have the Japanese proxy connect on deck, you should probably hit them up right about now,

Nike Air Force One Deals, Nike Air Pegasus 83/30 [ Photos via Hypebeast ]

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