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During back-to-school season, many municipalities?have tax-free holidays, which allow shoppers to purchase clothing without having to pay the taxes. It・s a pretty simple and generous concept, but a couple women in Georgia found it kind of confusing. Or so they say.

Nike Cortez Anti-Fur Deals, Last week, two women were busted for shoplifting at the Perimeter Mall just north of Atlanta; however, the suspects claim it was a big misunderstanding. You see, Georgia is currently holding a Tax Free holiday, which was regularly announced over the mall・s intercom system. But 26-year-old Simone Norris and 23-year-old Brittany Yawn said they misheard :tax free holiday; as :free holiday,; which led them to believe they could take whatever they wanted without paying.


Nike Cortez Anti-Fur Deals According to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution , the two women attempted to take a handful of items, which included two $79 Ralph Lauren shirts, two $148 jackets, two pairs of $65 Nike pants, and two pairs of $105 jeans.

Police say they caught one of the suspects in the act, while the other was already in the parking lot rocking the stolen gear. One woman was even wearing a pair of stolen jeans underneath her sweatpants. It was a pretty odd style move considering it was 90-fucking-degrees outside.

Obviously, police didn・t buy their story.

Nike Air Max 90 87 Thea Print Norris and Yawn were both arrested and charged with felony shoplifting. According to jail records, the women were released on Saturday after posting bond.?

Nike Cortez Anti-Fur Deals

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