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Nike Air Max TN III This silhouette from Our Legacy is easily one of my favorite silhouettes of all time. Personally, I already own two other versions of this style in different fabrics and wouldn't mind someone sending me this particular pullover. Generally speaking, the differences between versions of this crewneck are pocket placement and material, but the drawstring waist is a constant. It might seem like the drawstring is second fiddle to the fabric and pocket placement, but it's that crucial detail hanging off your waist that really makes your whole fit sing in perfect harmony. Hurry up and buy this so it sells out before the other stylish guy in your town who just so happens to be the same size as you can buy it. That way you can stunt when you show up to the one cool guy barber shop for their monthly Influencers and Intoxication event where local hipsters talk about how their New York friends are all thinking about moving to [insert your trash city here] and drink free booze that a PR firm with a serious lack of judgment decided would be a good marketing idea to advertise at a party for people who are underemployed and saddled with mountains of student loan debt.

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