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I don¡¦t know about you guys but it feels like UGG has been trying to rebrand itself for like the past forever. I remember yung influencers were getting UGG shoes for men, higher-end versions of their now iconic (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) boot, and now the Australian boot company is introducing their Classic Luxe Collection . Which is apparently a truly dedicated effort to actually bring the brand up closer to the definition of luxe. ?Now,?¡§Classic Luxe¡¨ is how I describe absolutely nothing, so I¡¦m not sure what they are really going with this new brand other than what exactly they said in the press release: ¡§¡Kto be able to step into the most chic situations without having to sacrifice UGG comfort.¡¨

Nike Air Jordan 28 Deals, Nike Air Max LTD 4 Do you think people who wear these will still walk with the classic UGG shuffle? You can hear someone in UGGs coming a mile away because the UGG comfort is like lean for your feet. Step into the most chic situations in these classically luxe boots that are basically UGGs but just like, fancied up a little. With an added hike to the price, almost doubling the typical $155 price for something closer to $250-295, they better be at least a lot fancied up. Maybe this is just a small step in a long process toward eventually charging $700 for a pair of leather sleeves with fuzzy lining. That's basically the American dream, even though UGG is Australian.

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