Nike Air Jordan 9 Deals

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Just in time for the dog days of summer, footwear staple Vans just dropped Cork versions of their iconic Authentic silhouette. Already a favorite for skateboarders, surfers, celebrities and the casual and economic-minded wearer alike, these newest additions to the Authentic line are clean.?

Nike Air Jordan 9 Deals, While other brands have utilized cork in their footwear, Vans has upped the ante, applying a cork-patterend canvas (which is, somewhat ironically, not made of?authentic cork), to the outer of the sneaker, giving your puppies some added breathability for when your stomping around town.

Nike Air Max Darwin 360 The Cork Authentics are currently?available?at ?and select Vans retailers. Despite the slight markup to $55, these shoes will satisfy the strictest budget while simultaneously?help keep your feet free from summer stench .

Nike Air Jordan 9 Deals

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