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Mexican drug lords are many things. They are powerful cartel masterminds, who traffic illicit product into the U.S. and elsewhere, and are engaged in a bloody war between the Mexican military, covert U.S. operatives, among themselves, and with Donald Trump . They are not, however, very discreet about their taste in luxury goods . The Mexican drug lords' not-so-subtle flair for Swiss watches has taken the wrist jewelry game to another level. It should be said that these guys are very competitive and dead serious on owning the chilliest ice out right now.

Nike Air Jordan 8 Deals, These self-stylized Don Corleones, from El Chapo Guzman to El Chino Antrax, stunt their flashy wristwear on Twitter, Instagram, and Faceook. Recently,? two journalist analyzed the social media platforms to determine which luxury watches were most popular among the violent cartel gunrunners. Turns out, they dig a good Rolex, Hublot, Audemars Piguet?and even the slightly less popular?Urwerk brands?as much as the next guy. Even if the next guy doesn't move millions of dollars in drugs across international lines or digs mile-long tunnels to escape from prison.

Nike Air Max Command Sidebar: Alfredo Guzman appears to be the only lefty among the luxury watch enthusiasts, er, Mexican drug lords. To paraphrase Doc Rivers , better watch out for that south paw, Donald.

Nike Air Jordan 8 Deals

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