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We don't delve into the world of sports too often, but this one is too much. According to Footy Headlines , these are a new Mario Balotelli-inspired soccer shoe made with the kids in mind. They're youth-sized shoes, which is fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. Meaning, adults will not be able to make an absolute ass out of themselves, but that children will be wearing something so obnoxious and Balotelli-esque that it's an immediate signal about their wasted potential. Can we break these down please?

Nike Kids Deals, They're the typical white-blue-gold of the Italian national side, but adorned with the classic Balotelli-ism why always me? ?at the rear quarter and A FUCKING LANDING STRIP OF HAIR ON THE HEEL. Balotelli, man of more hairstyles than goals , hasn't really stuck with a look longer than about two months, so the choice to double down on the natural frohawk is clearly a risk. Who knows, he might just switch his flow up tomorrow.

Not only that, but Puma went even more turbo and decided to drop the landing strip on a fucking ball too because who doesn't love sporting goods you can't actually use to play sports? Even though Balo is crazy enough to throw darts at youth team players and has been known to unironically stunt all camo everything , you have to assume he wasn't involved in the creative process (re: an intern having a light bulb moment while shitting) behind this nonsense, right? Honestly, he should feel personally victimized by these monstrosities and break his contract with Puma ASAP. They did him so dirty, even if this is explicitly intended for the children with bad judgement. At the very least, these cleats definitely don't help the unpopular opinion that soccer playerslow-key have pretty good style . For once I'm inclined to join Mario in questioning everything. Why always you?

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