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Breaking: Microwaves can apparently be used for more than just heating up a Hot Pocket. Women are now undergoing a relatively new procedure that uses microwave technology to banish hair and sweat from their armpits,? BuzzFeed ?reports .

Nike Air Jordan 5 Deals, The technology developed by MiraSmooth?uses microwave energy, instead of the typical lasers involved in hair removal procedures, because it is color blind. That means that unlike lasers the microwaves?can be used on all skin colors.?

The process is approved by the FDA and doctors have had success with it. Using this technology weˇ¦ve seen stable auxillary hair reduction of approximately 70% regardless of color, ? Jeremy Brauer, MD said via a press release .

Nike Air Max 97 Nike Air Jordan 5 Deals Patients are given a local?anesthesia on the site that is being microwaved and those painful-looking black marks are actually only temporary to guide the procedure. However, patients still need to walk out with two ice packs affixed to their underarms.?

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