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Han pretty much does what they do and you do what you can do about it aka COP. Seriously, every season the end product just turns out so damn good and S/S ( previewed here ) 16 is no different, though it is a bit off from what you would expect from the warmer months. The color palette is essentially flipped on its head, using predominantly fall tones rather than your typical spring colors. Deep greens, rusty browns and dark blues?combine with some brighter dashes of fleshy pink and stark white to create a lot of dimension. Those pink amoebic shapes paired with the mid grey plaid pattern provide sort of an otherworldly look, as if they came from another planet, which is a bit of a departure for Han's typically straightforward and sporty look. But it's a welcome migration. Topcoats come with very high button stances reminiscent of Raf Simons F/W 15 that creates a very cool shape going down and makes the wearer look, like, a full foot taller. Pants are wider, some are breakaway and it looks like there's even a kilt in slide 9. There's also a hefty amount of velour/velvet that flies under the radar here due to lack of perfect lighting. But rest assured, you'll be looking like George Costanza soon enough.

Nike Air Huarache Utility Deals, Nike Air Max 90 Lunar SP Moon Landing [ Photos via Fucking Young ]

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