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Nike Air Max 90 Flag Listen, there are some hard and fast rules in fashion. It's generally accepted that brands drop lookbooks for their seasonal collections, but the Internet has changed things more than DJ Khaled and there are more non-seasonal collections and, subsequently, lookbooks than ever, which is exactly why we've been graced with ANOTHER ONE *DJ Khaled voice* to show off the F/W 15 joints dropping on JE's site . Mark it down, more beautiful imagery for more beautiful product that's available now and some that will be arriving in a matter of weeks. Here we see a bit more of the technical aspect that John moved into with windbreakers and that dope iridescent bomber that shape shifts and changes color like a goddamn Animorph. But, of course, all you want to know is what the fuck dropped today? We've got some new installments of the Escobars, a fishtail sweatshirt, ripple Mercer tees and arguably John's piece de resistance, a leather rider jacket that comes in an awesome black finish and lined with your choice of mesh or flannel. It's the definition of a standout, kinda like a blog post with not one, but two DJ Khaled jokes. Thank me later.

Nike Air Huarache Deals,

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