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Nike Air Max 90 87 Flag Ikire Jones makes clothes for people it describes as adventurous. But even if you're like me, the boring, polar opposite of adventurous, I don't think it's hard to get into the new gear from Philadelphia-based designer Wale Oyejide. The brand's past endeavors have been nothing short of wild, using bombastic patterns and fabrics to create a truly unique look that pays homage to the brand's roots. Prior, the brand had a slightly more buttoned-up feel with the focus being primarily on tailoring and S/S 16,?Ikire Jones' first full collection, still has that, but it's been pared down for a more casual look. There's more outerwear than ever, complete with incredible all-over patterns, many from works of art derived from a deeper story that drives everything. On the surface, S/S 16 come closer to a walking canvas than, say, an outfit, but it works remarkably well here. With Ikire Jones you're doing more than just wearing clothes, you're displaying functional art with a deeper, thoughtful meaning. This shit is the real deal, folks.

Nike WMNS Roshe Run Deals,

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