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Jaden Smith is a known philosopher and outrageous dresser , so when these two things come together¡Xas they do during his interview with? CR Men's Book¡X there are some truly great quotes left in the wake. Smith speaks with the revered publication in the first issue of its men's offshoot about his own clothing/lifestyle brand ?and how science plays into it.?

Nike Air Total Foamposite Max Deals, When speaking about his brand, or as he calls it family, ?MSFTS, Smith is adamant that it is not just about clothing. What is MSFTS?' he asks CR Men's Book ?rhetorically.? By asking this question you are already limiting its potential. However, Smith goes on to give a sense of what MSFTS?is, reusing an old quote of his in the process . It¡¦s about dressing a generation,¡¨ he says.?MSFTS is getting its start by producing clothing, but Smith envisions it being much bigger than that. It¡¦s nothing that has the potential to become everything, with the right minds behind it, he says, reciting the brand's slogan.?

The next collection of clothing is set to include graphic T-shirts, hoodies, and hats informed by school and subjects like mathematics and science. I want my T-shirts to look like a mixture of Basquiat¡¦s and Einstein¡¦s personal notebooks, he says. Our designs are usually mathematical and scientific based. We realize that most kids don¡¦t think that science is cool, so we are mixing pop culture with education to show people that if you look at something with a different lens, you can gain a new perspective. Showing his aptitude for pop culture, Jaden even gets in a reference to #TheDress. It¡¦s like that dress that showed the world, it can be blue or gold. Not everyone?sees things the same way. ?

Nike Free Viritous Nike Air Total Foamposite Max Deals Smith is launching his next collection of? MSFTS in Dubai. That release will be followed by a collection made out of recycled plastic, which will debut in Shanghai later this year.

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