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JENKEM ? Magazine ?has launched a new feature that asks a simple question: Can It Skate? In the new video series,? JENKEM ?plans to push the limits of what we consider non-skate skate shoes. The write-up promises that the series will experiment with high heels, boots, slippers, hypebeast shoes , and sandals. The first pair of footwear up is the classic Gucci loafers.?

Nike Slippers Deals, Professional skater?Jason Byoun?is featured in the video testing out the skating ability of the loafers. If you want to base your answer to can it skate? off this clip, which was all shot within an hour of leaving the Gucci store loafers in hand, then you would have to go with a resounding yes.

These Gucci loafers retail for around $460 , but watching them get shredded still isn't as heartbreaking as seeing a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts get ruined by a skater .

Nike Air Flight Nike Slippers Deals Check out detailed images from the skate session below.?

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